two men praying or meditating with candles

Moving Through It

While we personally cannot resolve social despair and collective trauma as they are affecting and being experienced by large groups of people, there is much we can do to process and move through the acute pieces of it we are personally experiencing daily. And when we do this, it not only allows us to stay connected to our meaningful relationships but it also makes us more resilient to those issues as we continue to live in the midst of them. And we then have so much more capacity for to be socially engaged with others and can become part of the solution to the problems that cause the social despair and collective trauma.

Healing Is Possible promotes and explores six critical elements of healing:
1. Meaningful connection to others
2. Research based understanding of the nervous system
3. Controlling deep emotions
4. Being specific about what is disturbing us so deeply
5. Seeking out beauty
6. Social engagement

Visualization is also a powerful tool of healing. provides an adaptable visualization ritual to help you move through social despair and collective trauma.

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