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Movingthroughit.org is a website dedicated to educating you about social despair and collective trauma and how they might be affecting your life. It also shows you many things you can do that will help you move through those emotions so you can more fully engage your personal and social life.

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Social Despair & Collective Trauma

Social Despair occurs when an individual or group loses faith and hope in some or all aspects of their social world and feel powerless to do anything meaningful about it.

Collective Trauma is a blow or tear to the basic tissue of social life that damages the bonds attaching people together and impairs the sense of a cohesive community.

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To be a place of healing for the people of the world to help them move through what is heavy on their hearts to a place of full engagement with their personal and social life.

headshot of Patrick Dougherty M.A. L.P.

Patrick Dougherty, M.A., L.P.

My understanding of social despair and collective trauma comes through nearly 40 years of practice as a clinical psychologist, and as a veteran of Vietnam. I incorporate 20 years of experience leading qigong healing meditations, and my decades of experience in many spiritual traditions. From all of these I have learned healing techniques to respond to the problems of social despair and collective trauma.

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